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RASS UTE MAR 17 HQ Dry Review (Part A)


From a cabinet of 50. Cigar feels good in the hand with construction and weight both feeling just right.


Starts out with a great draw and burn. Initial flavors of stone fruit, white pepper and through the retrohale some spice. Continues along those lines and is medium full in strength and flavor. As time goes on more earth and now leather; still spice but less sweetness. Towards the end the sweetness picked up again with much less pepper and spice.


In summary very enjoyable cigar.

93 points.




RASS UTE MAR 17 HQ Wet Review (PartB)


From the same cabinet of 50 that yesterdays cigar came from. Again feels and looks good. Dipped this one in water and clipped the top of the cap off.


Initial flavors more mellow with less pepper and spice. Burn and draw very good, maybe burning a bit slower than the dry one. Strength a bit below yesterday’s dry one and flavors just seem a bit muted. Burn continues to be very good, not seeing the evolutions that I did yesterday. Good cigar but lacking the depth of flavor the dry one had.


In summary, was good but not as good as yesterday’s dry one in terms of flavor but it was a better burning cigar. I don’t think wetting it affected the flavors; that is more likely just the difference in the two cigars. Wetting it may have helped the burn and I may try this again.

91 points.







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