Sancho Panza Belicoso BRS July 2012 (MPRW)

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First, this review is just what I needed.  A full weekend with 2 under 2 and by Sunday night I was exhausted.  Friday night was an all-nighter to give mom a break, and Sunday was spent trying to do yard with with an almost 2yr old.  I dug the wholes and she filled them!  Took longer than it should have but was still rewarding in its own way.  Exhausted and covered in dirt and sweat, Sunday night I was able to finally smoke a cigar.  I was looking forward to this smoke the entire weekend and it did not disappoint.  

A SP Beli may not sound like a cigar that should be called precious, but trust me it is.  At least from this box.  I have loved every single one of them.  This one was woody and medium-bodied.  Smooth retrohale and absolutely delicious.  I paired it with a Buffalo Trace old fashioned.  I only have 5 left out of this box now.  I'd rate this one a 95 for flavor, but 100 for the relief and relaxation it gave me.  It was so good I thought about grabbing another cigar, but thought better of it since Monday morning was not far off.





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