Fuente Fuente OpusX Robusto 2019 (MPRW)

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22 hours ago, sho671 said:

In general my cigar collection isn't made up of high ticket and/or precious items because I can't see myself spending exorbitant amounts of money on something I'll be burning. My small collection of Cuban cigars is fairly basic with very few if any Regionals or ELs, so I decided to smoke this FF OpusX Robusto I snagged at L.J. Peretti's in Boston last Thanksgiving for $17.75 after taxes and whatnot.

This was my first OpusX and was expecting exceedingly exceptional things based on the hype. The construction was great; no issues with burn or smoke production. Flavor-wise, I was expecting a creamy and smooth cigar but was met with more pepper than I wanted. There were intermittent notes of chocolate and nuts throughout the cigar, but again the pepper was a little off putting. Prior to smoking it I would have said it was the best cigar I had based on hype, but I'm not so sure after having smoked it. It was good, but not the pinnacle of cigars as I have been led to believe. At the end of the day it was enjoyable though.

1 on my 0/1 scale.

Hopefully this review will change the state of my cigar collection and I'll end up with some precious smokes.




Right there with you. I ponied up and tried two. Was not impressed at all. Way overhyped. 

With Opus X they created the first Dominican Puro at the height of the cigar boom - perfect timing - and the hype train has carried them this far!

I love AF - just not Opus X.

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