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Hey guys, hope everyone’s well!  Recently just purchased a box of RyJ Churchill Añejados and wanted some opinions on if it’s genuine or fake. Everything seems to check out honestly but what got to me thinking was that the date on the box (SCO E000) I know this line is supposed to be aged at least 10 years but if I’m not mistaken does the code mean these would be around 20 years aged? And from there you know I started to overthink everything lol  thank you very much and cheers?C1DA40DA-16F0-4ECD-8911-30E957B81F12.jpeg.3e02f9ba3d8a56948a726b2373e91caa.jpeg




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On 10/31/2020 at 1:03 PM, jfestrelabr said:


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How does it have a September 1999 box code when this is a 2019 release? I am not that familiar with the Anejados. Do they take old boxes and reband them?

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