Celebratory Cigars aren't under threat....

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2 minutes ago, El Presidente said:

Candy cigars

Diabetes and its complications kills far more people than cigars.

I think we should just hand out water for all celebrations and events. Then again, too much water can kill you...

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There is no way a man wrote that.  At least not one that should procreate.  




But a man did.....and appears to have procreated.






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On 11/10/2020 at 7:10 PM, bdw1984 said:

There is nothing more to add to this thread than the above.  Perfect response, thread should be locked.

I’m pretty sure we can improve this list...  for starters, turn bottles of beer into cases of beer, and mini champagne bottles into large liquor bottles.

Baseballs can actually be useful here - depending how many kids you have, having a baseball in your hand can really help keep them in line

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