Do we need buy portable power station for camping trip?

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If you’d be so kind. Provide more detail. Where are you coming from and where are you going in Cuba? Have you looked closely at the Covid rules? (You’ll likely be quarantined for 7 days when you arrive)

Do you need power to camp beyond charging your cellphone? If cellphone only, a small power brick with some solar should do nicely,

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Anyway, there is no matter what country of origin is it from. The main thing is its quality. There are many low-quality, but expensive products nowadays. You need to use only proven and reliable resources. Recently, I have been looking for a tactical flashlight for a gift for my friend and I was surprised in the best meaning of this word. There is such a rich choice! He was totally delighted with my gift. I sincerely hope it will serve perfectly. He will tell me soon about his impressions, I guess… Do you think the Anker brand could be a good choice for them Ethernut? Or should they look at the site I have mentioned in my post?
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