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The Cigar Genie has granted you the wish of  one self refilling box of cigars for the next year.  

He has set down three conditions:

  •               You must have smoked the cigar chosen at some time throughout 2020.
  •                It will be the only cigar you will be permitted to smoke for 12 months (2021)
  •                It must have been in production at last some time from 2000 - 2019. 

What do you choose. :cigar:

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I like your dedication to finishing the cigar. But if it's a bottomless box you could always chuck them halfway

Partagas Lusitania . 

Fundadores, beyond a doubt.

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Bolivar Coronas Extras or Bolivar PC. With two small children I don’t have enough time available to choose a larger cigar if it’s the only cigar I’m able to smoke for 2021. Trini Fundie would be my larger cigar choice if time wasn’t an issue.  

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