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I like your dedication to finishing the cigar. But if it's a bottomless box you could always chuck them halfway

Partagas Lusitania . 

Fundadores, beyond a doubt.

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11 hours ago, Markspring1978 said:

Original ERDM Tainos. 

Correct answer ^^^

Honorable mention- LGC Tainos, MdO 1-3, El Morro, SPCG, Super Coronas, Mag 50 LE, GdE, PL Magnificos

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That’s a tough one. My palate tells me to go for the Trinidad Fundadores, but smoking a 2 hour cigar every day is a bit much for a year. Practical choice, 5 year old RASS. 

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I had this discussion a few nights back. Just one boating, fishing , quick smoke , relaxing smoke ,catch up with friends smoke etc etc. For me the ultimate foot soldier, a work horse Monte Petit Edmundo. 

This decision was made while smoking a 2001 Hoyo du Dauphin. No way I would take that on a fishing trip or on a boat. And I just love good quality Petit Edmundo, always in  my rotation and one of my favourites. Would be happy to be stuck with it for a year 


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It would usually be La Escepcion Selectos Finos, LGC MdO #2 or a Bolivar Gold Medal, but I've not smoked any of these in 2020. So I will go with a Montecristo #2 or HdM Epicure #2.

I've had many cigars that are classed as better etc but for me, either of these 2 are a constant go to so would be very happy with either of those.

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On 11/18/2020 at 9:46 AM, SirVantes said:

A box of RA Grandes ER Espana 2008...with TEB stamped on the bottom. 

Be careful what you wish for, Sir! You’d not want a year’s supply of fakes..... bottom of boxes came in un-stamped.    😂😜🤡

58 minutes ago, La_Tigre said:

LGC Sabrosos

Alas this genie thing is a damn missed opportunity for me. 😢

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