Choosing a box of Ramon Allones Specially Selected for yourself.   

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From the same Mastercase of RASS.

They are both PSP. 

Assuming you had a good mate who offered you to take one box as a gift. Which would you pick. 

Use the poll. ;)


Box A 

Ramon Allones Specially Select PSP NOV 20.jpg


Box B 


Ramon Allones Specally Selected Light PSP.jpg

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Those look so oily they would easily stain whatever you set them on . . . yum!

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I have to agree with the others. The best RASS I've smoked looked like the ones in box A. Dark, oily, a little Rosado in there. 

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  Voted A but meant to pick B, good job our voting isn't electronic here :rotfl:

  I've grown to appreciate lighter wrappers over the years, unless I'm looking for something specific like the old red RyJs, then I've found that they generally outperform the darker, even if my heart says pick the darker one. As long as the wrappers are thin and supple with good oil they're usually a winner for me, a lot more balance.

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I'm confused. It's only the wrapper. You don't know what the filler and binder is saying. They are both PSP same crop. I know the wrapper affects taste somewhat. So surely it's all placebo beyond that!

I prefer the look of the lighter wrapper.

Caveat. I don't have much experience with RASS. But generally, how a cigar looks doesn't always translate to how good it is.

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