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34 minutes ago, PigFish said:

I have to say.... if this was the only cigar(s) that I had left in my possession, I would be perfectly happy. Cigar for cigar these are the best cigars I own.

you people should think twice before deriding 2001 cigars.


What is it? Partagas? 

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23 minutes ago, NYgarman said:

What is it? Partagas? 

Opened a brand new (2001) box of HdM du Roi.

Damn these are great cigars. If I join up on the Zoom call today, I will smoke another! 

Was out with the sun on my face, got a little hot and a buzz...! Wow... Nice cigar!!!

Happy turkey day my friend! -R

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46 minutes ago, prshah25 said:

Thanksgiving smoke  - 2010 Opus X BBMF.



I'll have to see if I track one down in the humidor. Always loved that apple spice flavor!

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4 hours ago, Markspring1978 said:

Going to throw down one of these bad boys. 

If I had a whole cab I'd fire up too ?. How was it? I'm sitting on a single and trying to figure out how much longer to let her rest. 

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