Never Tried ....Must Know "Guinness Imperial Gingerbread"

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Give us the  good oil people. Whats it like :cigar:





The Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Baltimore is celebrating the holidays with the release of this new barrel-aged beer. The historic brand is adding to their line with Imperial Gingerbread Spiced Stout just in time for Christmas. The 11% ABV brew is made with allspice, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg before being aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels. Made to recall the warm, rich flavors of traditional holiday spices, the seasonal stout is a perfect choice to drink with holiday dishes and desserts and is also great gift idea for the beer lover on your list.

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I would like to try this with a R&J Wide Churchill. Plenty of ginger bread spice in the 2020 examples I have smoked this year. Hopefully it hits Oz shores before long . Sounds good ?

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whoa- 11% Personally I've found bourbon barrel aged stouts take on too much of the bourbon flavor and get a very stewed raisin taste.  Maybe  good with an RASS?

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I assume this would need to be enjoyed warm. I was disappointed with this year's goose island, but what the hell, id try this. Been spoiled by the barrel aged sours that have come out of local coloraro breweries lately. Crooked Steve's nightmare on brett has been outstanding. Its near 10 percent abv and not as cloying as the stouts which are just a one note sugar bomb. 

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Seems a gimmick trying to stay relevant with all the craft brews coming out these days.

As a brewer myself I am always open to trying the new things though. Will let you know if I come across these and have a chance to sample.

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It's a Pint of Plain for me. Been a rough year for the Guinness drinker's with not many opportunities for draught. 

The draught can's just don't quite hit the spot, I even had to buy a couple of the Tulip Glasses designed for the can measure's not the stolent pint glasses.

Guinness are really doing their bit to get the pub scene back going in Ireland, I believe they're going to be the same as Blighty and only allowed a drink with a "substantial meal".


And for anyone after some inspiration on Christmas Shopping, some Guinness inspired stuff that's made it onto my wishlist;















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