FOH Cigar Genie grants you 2 Christmas wishes.

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The FOH Cigar Genie has granted you two wishes this Christmas.* Yes it is normally three but there have been cutbacks due to Covid :rolleyes:


1. One  Box of  2019/20 production cigars to     $1000          USD 

2.  One Cigar Accessory (no limit). 


What are you wishing for? Post a pic of the accessory if you can. ;)



*all wishes remain the property of genie international who are not responsible for any side effects resulting from said wishes. No exchanges. Genie not included. 



5PC Dreamy Genie Costume N1341

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As boring as it sounds id take sir winnies over even esplendidos or Cola at this point. I have one box of Cola but at the price point, I can buy almost 3 boxes of monte especial no 2, which I prefer. Or 1 and 1/2 box of fundadores. Or one box of each. Sir winnies I can never find. 

For the accessory, an Aristocrat. No Brainer. 

No Brainer I mean, unless "Shipping times return to normal" is a cigar accessory. 

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Esplendidos for sure for me. 

If a 2000 count cabinet humidor counts as an accessory, I’d love to move from tupperdores to a cabinet. 

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Tally another for Sir winnies. I almost said esplendidos but I’ve never had one. I’m curious to know what the price will be on a box of winnies after these increases. I think I paid just over $500 for mine in March. 

Does an Avallo or aristocrat (even used) count as an accessory? Cause if so, then mark me down for one. Or a hot chick to cut and light my cigars for me. 

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1 hour ago, HDGSN said:

The one box of cigars:

That ONE cab of Partagas Lusitania that popped up months ago that @El Presidente said was the best cab he had ever seen and there was only ONE box offered on 24:24. I think I remember who got it and have been itching to see a current photo of them. I don’t have a photo from THAT 24:24 listing.

The one cigar accessory:

THIS bottle of cognac someone posted in a cognac group today distilled in 1811 and bottled 123 years later in 1934! How about that @Ken Gargett?



that would be worth being nice to rob to try. 

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I have about 30 boxes of Sir Winston but I’m running low on Sig VI so I’ll take a box of those. 

And the cigar Genie. 

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1 hour ago, El Hoze said:

I have about 30 boxes of Sir Winston

Good god man, how often do you smoke them!?

I knew this thread would turn up some gems.

3 hours ago, 99call said:

ELRM La Reina

That is a very good shout

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A box of siglo VI for sure or 4 boxes of Trini Esmeralda's. 

Cigar Accessory would have to be a climate controlled humidor to fit my collection of approx 600 cigars. This will be my big purchase for next year. 

I'm leaning towards the Avallo 2000 D (the version with temp control). Also a @PigFish created humidor would be just as dandy! ;) 

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