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What do you guys think ? Would it work ?  

“Insert the probes of the HumidiMeter into the foot or cap of your cigar and know if it is ready to smoke.  The HumidiMeter will convert the moisture content in your cigar’s tobacco and display its relative humidity.  This allows you to smoke your cigar at the optimal time to ensure optimal flavor.

Readings from 60% – 70%RH, smoke’em”





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I'm guessing it doesn't work. But if it did you'd want to measure moisture content MC and not relative humidity RH.

Edit: they have them for wood and other materials though I don't have any experience with them.

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I was going to mention (as someone before just mentioned), these are quite common in woodworking - wood moves as humidity changes, so a wood worker will look to have a board be at a similar level as what it will wind up being when it's finished.  That way when they use tools to make it a nice straight board, it doesn't warp when the finished table is moved.  It'd really suck to build a kick-ass humidor, but then when it's moved have the lid not close because something warped a little.

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According to halfwheel this device does measure moisture content, but has some sort of internal formula that they use to convert it into "relative humidity" so "regular people" can make sense of it.


I'll see if any of the wood ones have pins close enough or maybe one of the pinless ones will work...

Edit: They have tobacco ones, you probably want a tobacco one as it uses info about resistance of the material to measure moisture content.

Edit 2: Only one I found was for cigarette tobacco and quite expensive.

Edit 3: I'm about to take an ohmmeter to some cigars... ?(mine only goes up to 20 Mega-ohms, seems too low for cigars). Would need a megohmmeter.

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