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1 minute ago, JohnS said: love these guys (i.e the Cigar Institute of America), don't you El Pres? ??

I love the blatant messaging on all levels :D

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I remember when my wife looked at me that way... ?

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Apart from how deliciously non-PC these old ads are, what amazes me about ads from this era is how much they all emphasize how MILD their cigars are. I'm guessing that how strong young Cuban tobacco was back then was a contributing factor?

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Might be that cigars are seen as strong compared to the then almost ubiquitous and more common cigarettes which they seem to refer to with their constant you don't need to inhale statements.

Edit: My mom for example who never really smoked but grew up in an era where everyone smoked cigarettes including my father is surprised I can smoke a cigar without turning green.

Edit 2 (inhaling and turning green):


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