And the 2020 CA Cigar of the Year is......

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9 minutes ago, SmokyFontaine said:

Agreed. The number of times I hear someone complain throughout a whole review of how flat, young, or just not good the cigar is, then give it an 89 is wild to me. If something was barely more than rolled tobacco leaves, that's like, a 40 on my scale. A 90 is a "get at least a couple boxes of these" cigar for me. 

Yeah it's crazy.

I think it's a mental/psychological issue with categorization. People are basically ranking cigars relatively, and not giving them an absolute score. So 89 is worse than everything 90+.

This is why I use a 5 point scale myself (1=terrible, 2=barely acceptable/acceptable, 3=acceptable/good, 4=good/great, 5=outstanding). 10 point scale is good too, but that's too many categories for me to categorize things consistently. Sometimes I'll use .5/half scores (3.5, 4.5) if I'm really undecided, so I guess that's kind of a 10 point scale., but I never use 0.5, 1.5 or 2.5, so not quite. Guess I should use a 7 point scale :)

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It comes down to advertising $$. Yes the Cuban's they throw in are smoking great, but there are a bunch more. 

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