Cuban packaging mysteries...

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When you get a new box of Lanceros and a new box of Fundies, do you feel like the Fundies are worse value...because there's 1 fewer?

But the one that really bothers me is the SLB bundling in 25s.  8-9-8 box stacking makes perfect sense to me, since the cigars are nestled in the spaces in between the ones in the rows above and below.  The 3-4-3 is even more aesthetic than the wide, flat 8-9-8 stacking.  But you can't achieve that symmetry and nestle them in the same way for 25s! Every time I pull out a new full 25 bundle, it bugs me.  And I suspect it's why I can't put it back nicely either - it always collapses on itself.

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On 1/24/2021 at 2:56 AM, Islandboy said:

Does anyone else feel like it’s the beginning of the end when they pull the last stick of the upper tier of a dress box?

Yes.. all the time.. Means its time to pick up another box! 

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