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It's pretty amazing what snowmobiles are capable of these days. I used to race 4 sleds in the Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Hillclimb Association from 2002-2004 and none of my sleds would be able to boondock like this. My lightweight open mod would rocket you off the peak but going through the trees without tagging one would be near impossible. Wish sleds had this capability when I was growing up through the 70's and 80's. For me growing up near minnesota riding small rivers and diitches wide open was often an adrenaline rush. Coming out west on trips and eventually moving out west.was a whole different style of riding. Hillclimbing in the race circut as ok but very tiresome and didn't get much riding time. Boondocking has always been the most fun, challenging and sometimes downright frighteing. Anyone else out there ride?



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Nice!! I live in snowmobile country and have gone out once or twice.. But I couldn't get used to the weight of them.. with a Dirt bike you can finesse them to turn with minor weight adjustments.. I couldn't get the hang of it... it was a lot of work :)

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The're a bit lighter now if you get a big performance longtrack. 600cc with a Turbo or Nitrous Oxide will give it the power to get into alot of places. Rental sleds limit you to the trails pretty easy as most of them just don't have the juice. Tradeoff with more power is usally weight, but when you can grab a fistfull of throttle and she wants to hook up and stay on top they feel alot lighter than those little rentals. 

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