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22 hours ago, BrightonCorgi said:

Can you smoke in your rental per the lease or not?  I don't think that was stated in the thread.  I would be more likely to tell them to pound sand if you are legally able to smoke in your unit..  I bet it if were weed, no one would complain or as much...

Leasewise, yes I can. But obviously I don't want to be disturbing my neighbors. Its more of a case I want to know how the bloody smoke is getting there. 

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You should stop smoking in the apartment considering shared hvac ..if your neighbors have kids that’s just f’ed up ...I am an avid cigar smoker living in an apartment and have an 11 month old baby ....if I knew my neighbors were smoking cigars or cigs in the units attached to me I’d be very upset ....I’m all for smokers rights but some situations you for just respect others

On 2/18/2021 at 11:01 AM, hedgeybaby said:
Thank you for all of your replies.
Six months left on the lease and we are planning on getting a house somewhere outside of Toronto.
Here's some snippets from the letter received:
It poses a very concerning health threat to all of us and is causing headaches and itchy throats. 
The smell is strong enough that it comes from the kitchen as far as our bedrooms and makes the kitchen unusable when the smell is present.
The smoke and toxic smell coming from the vents, fill out our unit every night and it becomes intolerable. We are extremely concerned about it as it can potentially be a health hazard.

Yea man honestly just stop smoking indoors ....think about how you would feel if you had a family in your apartment and your neighbor smoked and you constantly had to worry about your kids breathing in their 2nd hand smoke ....awful

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