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Trinidad Esmeralda GEM Nov 2019 A brilliant, complex and quality premium cigar. Quality cookie dough/cake and coffee to start with in the first third. In the middle third there was some more wood

Cohiba Siglo VI circa 2014 This is the first Cohiba Siglo VI I've had since I had a '99 to 100-point' aged 2009 one in November 2020. As the rating suggests, it was about the best one I've ever s

Trinidad Topes MUP Oct 2019 It doesn't seem that long ago that the Trinidad Topes was released as a Limited Edition cigar in 2016. It continued the trend of highly reputable large ring gauge  Lim

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Partagás Capitols TUA Abr 2020

The Partagas Capitols is a new, retro-inspired 42 ring gauge x 129 mm (or 5⅛ inches) in length cigar released in conjunction with the Romeo y Julieta Club Kings. There must be some success to these 'retro releases' because I notice that the H.Upmann Regalias is next-in-line for a retro-tin packaged release.

The original Partagas Capitols was the same length but slightly smaller in ring gauge; a 40 rg Petit Cetros which was also machine-made. At least the re-introduced, rebooted Capitols is a handmade cigar!

Like my last Partagas Capitols, this one had a beautiful colorado rosado shade wrapper, which I find quite ideal in a Partagas cigar. My previous Capitols was more complex than this one. This was mainly coffee, sourdough and forest floor flavours from the end of the first third onwards. My previous Capitols had a pleasant sourdough, spice, wood and a little coffee. There was no spice or pepper, for example.

I wrote in my previous reviews on this cigar that in comparison to the Partagas Shorts, it lacked that quality leather that you can get in those cigars, but it was a step-up from the generic Partagas Mille Fleur. Again, I still feel this way after smoking my third example from this 5-pack tin.

So, overall I would surmise that this Partagas Capitols was again a dependable smoke, was constructed well and it was more like a quality premium marevas than a lower-tiered 'cheap and cheerful'. It just wasn't quite up to Partagas Shorts, though.

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Romeo y Julieta Club Kings RAT Dic 2019

The Romeo y Julieta Club Kings was discontinued originally in the mid-1980s. It actually came in a two formats; the handmade marevas and machine-made petit coronas although only the marevas was offered in a 5-pack tin. (The machine-made petit coronas Club Kings came in a cardboard pack.) This release was actually announced in 2015 but production was delayed, probably due to the packaging.

Like my last Romeo y Julieta Club Kings from this tin, this cigar had a 'grassiness' which translated into a vegetal flavour upon smoking, but it also had a nice cherry fruit, RyJ Rosewater and toasted tobacco core element to it which made it quite flavoursome.

In regards to construction the draw was slightly tight this time, whereas my previous Club Kings was slightly loose. This did not detract from smoking and the cigar smoked well.

Again overall, the main difference between this Club Kings and a quality Romeo y Julieta Churchill or Wide Churchill would be that the element of cocoa was missing, but the cigar was quite flavoursome and it was a step-up from a RyJ Mille Fleur.

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Montecristo No.5 AUM Jul 2014

This is the fifth Montecristo No.5 I've had from this box since I opened it recently and it was the strongest by far. I was surprised how much it was over medium in strength, although I wouldn't classify it as medium-full, it still packed a punch.

Unlike my previous Montecristo No.5s from this six-and-a-half year old box, the flavours here were much more intense, yet much less complex. I mainly got bitter chocolate, coffee and leather flavours from beginning to end.

The intensity of this cigar necessitated me smoking it slower. I managed 40 minutes and moved on to a much milder cigar soon afterwards to 'refresh' my palate.

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