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If a newcomer to the world of Cuban Cigars asked me about the high end cigars I'd recommend to buy I'd say get some Cohibas and lay them down for five years.I haven't had good luck with most program cigars. It took some time but I went almost all regular production a while ago and have no regrets. Of the cigars that I wished I had never sold none are program cigars.

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... all 'puttered' out! -LOL The EL and RE are Cuban cigar reality, despite their poor value and performance (as I believe it). I tend to stay out of the argument today, because the LE and RE are

I’m pretty sure that if I had started my appreciation of Cuban cigars back when @PigFish did, instead of only 5 years ago, and I built my collection then the way I am now, I’d feel the same way....and

The PL Encantos RE are one of my favourite cigars. Wish I had more of them. REs/LEs are just like regular production cigars. Some are good, some are bad. They have their place in a humidor. If yo

Oh yeah, the most important RE’s are Canadian eh? Well, duh.
I grew up in Michigan so I have been to Canada many times. Sadly it was before I started smoking Cigars so I never got the chance to try your RE's, and haven't seen a vendor with them yet.

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