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Trapper99 took out last week's Who Said That? Comp.

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 8.14.47 am.png

This week's comp is running now - vote in the link below for your chance to win: 


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Competition winnings!!! TUE JUL 20. Thank you FOH team!!! Hard to have enough 2020 Monte 2’s!

Lucky draw prize from the Something Dotty going on thread. Thank you FOH

Just received these in the mail today ...  Thanks to FOH and the world's best Logistics team .. 

Punch Short de Punch RAT ENE 20 (FYARW)


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Consuegra #84 

Irish Redhead ( 3 parts Jamison Irish whiskey, 1 part Grenadine, splash of Lemon juice, splash of Lime Juice, and 7 UP)








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4 hours ago, Bijan said:

FYARW Supremos.


That ash needs a little Viagra ....

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