that appalling new trend - barracking in sport. will never last.

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apparently when the english cricket team toured back in 20/21 (1920/1921), the locals subjected them to some friendly banter. it did not go down well with the cricket writer for the guardian. 

 “We have been told about ‘good-natured barracking’. Having lived many years in India, I have never seen a congenial cobra, but a good-natured barracker and a congenial cobra must be twins,” wrote our reporter. “Barracking of any sort is, and will ever be, offensive, always repugnant, never sporting, almost always provocative of retaliation, and certainly shocking bad manners, since no well-bred person has, or ever would, barrack.”

by the way, the aussies won the series, 5-0. 

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Oh, the irony.  I would say the term “well-bred”, implying a human being is of higher value because of their parent’s wealth, fame, good looks, noble title, etc is: 

On 3/3/2021 at 12:02 AM, Ken Gargett said:

offensive, always repugnant, never sporting, almost always provocative of retaliation

This is the sort of elitism the world is better off without.

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The term barracking has a vastly different meaning depending upon where you are raised.

Whereas in the UK, barracking generally means spectators hurling abuse at a team/individual. 

The song "Posh Spice is a Slapper" is a prime example.  Completely unacceptable.


In Australia, Barracking is cheering or giving support, identical to the US term of "rooting".

I barrack for the might Collingwood Magpies.  Yelling "Carn' the pies".  Completely acceptable.


Australia is very lucky to not have adopted the UK's style of degrading banter at sporting events.



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