Nudies N1 Unknown (L&SRW2)

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28 minutes ago, Bijan said:

But it had an unpleasant ashy aftertaste throughout

I had an approximate 20% 80% split, of Nudie 1s,  that I've has so far (about 10).   the 20% had the background class, but an unpleasant sourness did dominate.  You can very much see how this tart, sour cream, bitter sandalwood is really important to how the cigar is blended, and how it contributes when the cigar is o song,

But in summary, I would agree.... so far I've had the odd one, that was i little be too tannic, or need more time.        The rest however are getting better and better.  the buttermint flavour is just fantastic. 

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Sounds like they’re in the “sick period” that I experience in years 2-3 with so many cigars. Haven’t sampled one out of my bundle this year...sounds like I should wait another year or so. Thanks for taking one for the team. 

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