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So I ended up smoking the MSU Ramon Allones, because I'd never smoked a Superiores before and this box had just hit 2 years. The MdO is one I've had before, and it's one of those cigars I feel like I need to be in the right mood for - it's a delicate cigar that needs a fresh palate and full attention.  And after fighting to get my son bathed and in bed, I was in no mood for something delicate!!!
This RAS felt like it had tons of edges and elbows - a very rich undercurrent of flavor like prunes or plums in a way - but very rough around the edges in my opinion.  I could give these another 2 years and I think they'd still come out swinging like Tyson
I haven't had the Superiores yet, but have found the RASS and RASCC to both be on the stronger side too, so I'm not surprised that the Superiores is also, even with a bit of age.
Have to find somewhere that sells them as singles as I don't want to pay for a box of ten for something I have never tried.
They are on my list to buy though as they always seem to get positive reviews

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On 3/9/2021 at 4:43 PM, mprach024 said:

If the MDO#4 is/was so popular why did they discontinue it?  Is it just hype because we can’t get them anymore?  Just curious if anyone knows why they killed it.  I never thought anything too special about the MDO4 personally, couldn’t understand the cult following.  I always assumed it got disco’ed since it’s a vitola that doesn’t sell well to the masses, and this example of the vitola was good but not great enough to overcome that.  An assumption rooted in zero fact, love to hear from anyone who may “know” the truth.

Yes, not a volume seller outside of connoisseur circles..

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