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Wow, there’s a stunner.  I’d pretty well given up hope on the MdO 4s.

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I was just thinking the other day when the heck were the MdO4 coming back. Last code I saw was Q3 17. Starting to get worried these might be going the way of the MdO2...

SW is back right on schedule. They disappear for about 12-16 mos.

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36 minutes ago, Trapper99 said:

Is it against the rules to just blind send emails at 8:27 every night hoping and praying?

Asking for a friend:hole:

LOL. Now here's an idea. Should probably just have an automated email scheduled to go out daily.

That should work. 😏

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1 hour ago, LordAnubis said:

With the Moderators 70% discount, they're practically free :) 😂:stir:


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