When does montecristo no.2 peak?

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Right before they start to decline

On a more serious note a long time ago I had a box that was ok but I wasn’t enjoying so I put them away and waited probably four years to have another. From memory they would have been around 8 years old. That first one was unlike any Monty 2 I had ever had. That and the rest of the box were outstanding.

Having said that the newer ones are pretty good young and I don’t think they need to much age but a few years would certainly help IMO.

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For me, 5 years or so. In the interest of transparency, I haven't been in the Cuba game long enough to speak of anything aged much more than that. I do have 1 Monte 2 from a 2012 box that I bought in honor of my wedding that I will be smoking for my 10 year anniversary next year. It will be interesting to see if it holds up to the one I smoked on my 5 year anniversary which was one of the best cigars I ever smoked. All that said, it is subjective but 5 years seems to be the money spot for Montecristo for me.

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Depends on what you consider peaking.  Covid times.  Hard to tell what's what these days.  The other day I saw a guy walking down the street around 10 am brushing his teeth in the middle of manhattan with his buddy walking next to him.  A year ago that would have been strange.  Now, it's apparently normal.

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