a wonky wallaby and the ire of the french

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in australia, we have a self-promoted high profile person who refers to himself as a journo. identifiable for his insistence on wearing a red bandanna at all times. he was placed in charge of the australian republican movement (not a political party per se, rather the group leading the charge for us to become a republic). nothing ever did more for the monarchy than having him in charge of that. 

there are a million stories, and as far as i can see, the only positive ones are those he tells himself. which are many.

as you might have gathered, there are many australians who do not have a great deal of respect for this bloke. no matter. that is more than balanced by the amount of respect he has for himself.

i've always loved ian chappell, former australian cricket captain. once, during a tv debate which had this bloke, chappell and a few others on the panel, chappell asked him if he'd liked to move seats. he responded 'why?' 'because the one next to you is getting more of the spotlight.

anyway, this particular gent played a few tests for the wallabies, many years ago, as he is always reminding everyone (there is a strong case to be made that he might have been the worst wallaby ever to don a jersey though there are plenty of contenders for that, to be fair to him). a mate sent me this which i believe was recently in a newspaper here (i think the same one for which he writes, which must have gone down well). had to share.

our friend played in france for several years. the captain of his club side was also captain of france. does he remember him fondly? 

Oui, Fitzsimmons, le grand hero of the headlines ... Always there for the journalists after the match, aren’t you? Want to be their friend so they will write great things about you? But where were you against Toulon? We didn’t even see you! Usually you are there for all the flashy stuff, the things that the people in the stands can see, but did you ever think you might like to try doing things they can’t see, LIKE PUSHING IN THE SCRUM??”


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