From the hip. Weekend take away: The 4 cigars you would take away right now.

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Your stash...and by that I mean what you have right now. 

You are away for a long weekend. 

The 4 Cuban cigar that are "no brainers' in that you would pack right now. :D

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@nKostyan basically just said a list that would be a very likely lineup for me.  But here’s mine right now.   1:  Monte 2 (gotta) 2:  Trinidad Topes 3:  HDM Rio Secco 4:  Bolivar P

Espie  Lancero Sig VI Coro

Esmeralda  La Fuerza Mag 50 Lusitania

1 hour ago, Kevin48438 said:

Only four cigars for a holiday weekend?   Is this some sort of jail sentence?

Guessing the exercise is:

what four immediately go in the case without planning/plotting/debate...

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  1. Partagas Luci
  2. QDO #50
  3. HDM Epi Espi
  4. Trinidad Shorts
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1) Sig Vl 

2) Lusi 

3) CoPiramide 

4) QDO 50

Maybe swap no 4 if I could get my hands on a SW or Fundi. Definitely stick with larger RG gars if I know I will have plenty of time to properly enjoy them. 👍




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Des Dieux 

Punch SS1 

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