Trinidad Fundadores from 1995?

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Good morning community. 

I joined this community to find more professional help and exchange on one special box that I inherited. 

I'm a bit experienced in smoking aged Cubans now but before just ripping up these beauties I was hoping for some historical advice or maybe some likewise stories. 

As we all know Trinidad were started (again) in 1969 as diplomaticos. Then in 1994 appeared to the public at a charity dinner (wiki says 1995) but weren't released for sale before 1998.

Now here is my box with a code from March 95..? Not made in El laguito but in FR..? 

Is this simply a fake? Or what can be the explanation.. John started at the trinidad story post.. But told me to look around for more help. 

Thank you 


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In addition to the date and factory code, as you have already mentioned, I would pay attention to the lid hinges, cigar caps and warranty seal.
The warranty seal may be legal, but this is for large boxes. It look like 182x62mm...
Original hinge:

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Thnx nKostyan.. yes. the seal is a different size.. the habanos band is a different size as well. yet the cigars look very similar to one from a 98 release bought at a swiss dealer and the quality of the box is the same.





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