Audew 300 or Newair sold out...

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I want to buy an Audew 300 Electric humidor, but they seem to be sold out everywhere... Checked Newair (even though they are pricier $$$) sold out too.

Do you have any other brands to recommend? Or any other retailers with stock? I'm in Canada btw 😁



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Wish I were up there. About to pull the trigger on this myself once they give me straight/itemized pricing.

$2495 for the mon3800a

$1000 for the shipping to Texas 

$300 for the Ammonia deal


But when I email I'm always told the $2400 is total. And so we've spent a week going around until I finally asked for it itemized.

As am aside their alibaba store is listing it for $1950. And I've also gotten a quote for $800 shipping and $200 Ammonia. 

I'm so confused. Let us know how it goes. 

I will say, too, for the price of newairs latest I'd rather roll the dice on this. Wonder why raching can't get a footprint in North America? 

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