Montecristo 1935 Dumas - single/date unknown (purchased 2020) (VVRW#1)

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Initial cold draw perfect and a very rich cocoa aroma - probably the nicest scent I’ve had off a cigar in quite a while. Wrapper is a smooth tan colour. 


1/3 draw couldn’t be better and producing plenty of smoke. Woody/cinnamon spice with quite a dry feel in the mouth. Hints of coffee and nuts but no chocolate coming through despite the initial aroma pre-light. Burn is quicker than anticipated but construction is flawless.

2/3 some milk chocolate creeping in and a pleasant tangy edge. Construction still spot on but burn slows to a normal speed. Chocolate turns darker at the halfway point but main flavours still cedar and a warm spice. Nothing harsh at all.

3/3 bit more spice through the nose but otherwise pretty similar. Body finally starts to pick up and become a bit richer. Reminds me of a petit Edmundo with more flavour. Tangy, sweet and leathery with a faint bitterness on the finish. Strong final third.


All in all pretty smooth and flawlessly put together but was expecting more from what should be the fullest Montecristo line. Final third better than the first 30 minutes or so by a country mile.


89 overall





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Nice review.
Have a couple on order to try out.
Hopefully they live up to the price at least. They certainly aren't cheap

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