Great article on CCW and Alex Groom.

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Amazing stuff. I open this site at 2-3x daily (literally) & am always in awe of the depth & breadth of info there.

Can't wait for the book!!

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I'm really looking forward to the book. Would honestly rather have this book than either the original MRN or the future one. I'm using CCW dozens of times a day!



2 hours ago, LordAnubis said:

With a face like that... definitly fit for a website and not a tv show.🤣

Reminds me of pimento from the show Brooklyn 99 to be honest:



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Great interview with many insights - thank you !!

And you are very modest @ATGroom, it IS a lot work to maintain a website - love alone does not do the job ...

Sign me up for the book when it is released.

Thank you for your work !!

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On 4/8/2021 at 9:48 PM, Bijan said:

Yes down right now though I used it a bunch earlier today:

Edit: And it's back up!

Probably was overwhelmed by the traffic generated by the article. Thought it was a DDoS attack!

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