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Stop the BS and get the Jab.

good post. i am old enough (just) to remember, as a young kid, the screaming and outrage when seats belts became mandatory (i'm sure if you told a lot of young people about the resistance to wearing s

Do you enjoy your social security checks or will you in the future?( I never will) Cause I sure love giving a couple hundred bucks a paycheck to the least personally responsible generation in history.

13 hours ago, Corylax18 said:

Do you enjoy your social security checks or will you in the future?( I never will) Cause I sure love giving a couple hundred bucks a paycheck to the least personally responsible generation in history.  Baby boomers have bankrupted the entire country at everyone else's expense.  Cant pay for your own boner pills, cant fund your own retirements, cant afford put your kids through college, but us kids are the commies.

Who do you think raised us? Get over yourself. I graduated in to the bottom of the great recession and have worked hard every day to earn what I have. There are millions of millennials just like me. And you're lucky that we're here to Start footing the bill for decades of your generation living well beyond their means. So, You're Welcome.

I got my first Moderna shot Last Friday and I do think everybody should get the vaccine at some point. Millennialsin general, have learned to be HIGHLY Skeptical of Government/Authority. Live times of lies will do that. Most people my age, who are hesitant  to get the Vax, just don't trust that its actually safe and wont cause any long term side effects. I understand the hesitancy, but I dont agree with it in this case. 

You obviously presume too much. And thus, confirm just that I said...

Ignorance is not a cause for turning this to debate millennial politics or monetary policy. And, again, it is simply wasted on those that just   know they have   ...

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I'm vaccinated. No problem. I hear that maybe women have a bit more of a  reaction to being vaccinated than men. I don't want to get Covid and I certainly would not want to infect anyone if  I was asymptomatic.

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7 minutes ago, Trapper99 said:

Anybody who wants the vaccine can get it now, which means it's time to open things back up 100%.   

The sooner enough people get the vaccine the sooner it can happen. But increased access won’t slow the spread on its own. The “I can die if I want to” argument doesn’t really hold water either - unless you pay cash, the cost of your hospitalization is at least partially born by others (either taxpayers through Medicare or via your insurer’s premium pool). 

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1 hour ago, mprach024 said:

Here’s more reference material on vaccine performance, Britain is very highly vaccinated:

Here’s Britain’s case numbers:


France is way behind in vaccines like most of Europe, here’s there’s cases:


Vaccines are working.  

Great post. I 100% agree. 

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11 minutes ago, djrey said:

Or in 1930’s Germany

More like June 7th, 1944 Germany.  😉

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3 hours ago, mprach024 said:

To those that don’t trust the Vax and don’t want it.  I have no problem with you and your right.  But then don’t fight the Vaccine Passports allowing people into Concerts, Flights, Restaurants, etc.  Because of your skepticism, do not keep me from returning to my life.  If you want to hold out on the vax that’s your right, but when your “rights” start infringing on MY rights and freedoms, we have a problem.  

If you want everyone to be vaxxed that's your right, but then dont only allow vaccinated to go out. When your "rights" infringe on my rights we have a problem.

I'm being cheeky here but the point is that this is hypocritical, it's a problem when my rights infringe on yours but not when yours infringe on mine?

You cant allow people certain rights only if they do what you, the government, or "the people" want, otherwise those would not be rights but privileges.

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