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I was hoping to tap the collective wisdom of this group to advise on a larger humidor build order I’m about to pull the trigger on.

The question I’m wrestling with is whether to go with a cooled version or uncooled. I’m not sure my temps get high enough for long enough to worry about beetles and I’ve heard that sometimes the condensation issues from cooled units sometimes cause even more problems. However, it might be good to have the flexibility and I don’t mind spending a bit more if it made sense to have the extra feature.

As background, I live in the Northeast US and the unit is going to sit in my unfinished but insulated basement. I’ve pasted below the annual temperature findings for one of the tupperdors in the same location.

Any advice/thoughts on which to go with? The price difference is about $1K for the uncooled vs cooled, if that matters.





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I have recently only had wooden desktop humidors and tupperdoors , but a good, cheap humidor idea is converting a large curio cabinet into one.
I did this years ago with a huge 5ft by 5ft cabinet and it was cheap and easy to do and made for a nice looking piece of furniture and held a ton.
Just a thought due to the high price of dedicated cabinet humidors

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