Sheesh..another Canadian

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Hi from Vancouver!

I've been a member for the past year plus but have been remiss in posting an introduction.  I'm 46 and fairly new to cigars, but thanks to FOH have quickly gotten up to speed (too poor bank account).  

A guys trip to Portugal's wine regions a couple years back with a few mates who are avid cigar smokers peaked my interest in the hobby.  Port, Madeira and cigars are an ideal pairing.  Back in Canada, with less than stellar B&M selections I thought I needed to book a trip to Cuba to have access to the bounty, but then I found you guys!  Now Cuba comes to my mailbox. :)

I've got two young sons who copy everything I do, so cigar smoking has been mostly relegated to later in the evenings, 2-4 times per week.  After a hectic day, I cherish the quiet ritual & relaxation.  Some people meditate but this is my form of it!




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Welcome from Wyoming

I grew up in Michigan, so have been to Canada many times in the past.

Wanted to visit Vancouver when I was stationed in Washington for the navy, but just never made the trip to your western areas. Have been to Windsor, Toronto and Sarnia many times and always enjoyed it.

I understand that your tobacco taxes are very high there and really put a pinch on Canadian cigar smokers wallets

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Welcome to the FoH forum and happy smokes:cigar:

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"The quiet ritual and relaxation"...absolutely. Welcome to FOH!

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