Oh! What an ash!!!

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Really? I think i would of been in contention to win that with this ash! oh well...bad timing! but i really enjoyed the cigar and the progression of that ash!


7 hours ago, Bri Fi said:

Did you smoke that laying in bed? 

haha no! sitting down but keeping my cigar up when i saw the ash starting to get long. certainly wasn't expecting it to go all the way!

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6 hours ago, taylorgov2 said:

How I picture you smoking this thing.


haha. not quite so dramatic though.


6 hours ago, prshah25 said:

Nice ash. I feel if ash is too long it mutes the flavors. I agree it keeps the smoke cooler. But as air is passing through the ash I do get the tarry flavor as a bi product. 

Normally I would agree but I smoked it very slowly and it also depends on the cigar sometimes. In this case it really didn't affect the flavors enough that it was noticeable.

Very enjoyable cigar. I gave it a 92 score.

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