LCDH in the Yucatan... Playa, Cancun, Cozumel

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What's up guys? I figured you all could guide me with this question. I've never been anywhere there is a LCDH but the wife and I are going on a 9 day trip to the Yucatan. We fly into Cozumel, we will be taking a fishing guide out of Playa Del Carmen (fingers crossed on a marlin), but will spend most of our time in Tulum. Lucky for me there seem to be 3 different LCDH shops very close. One in Cozumel, one in Playa Del Carmen, and one in Cancun. I plan to hit all three while I'm there. 

First question is: Does anyone have experience in these three different shops? I will hit Cozumel first and pick up a few things and then restock at the other two while I'm visiting those towns. Is there one that is likely better than the other that might be worth focusing on? I have quite a few boxes in my personal collection but this will be an awesome experience to try some singles that I've never had before. 

The ultimate question, what is the current ruling on bringing any back home? I've read all sorts of conflicting information. It seems that back in November, Trump rescinded the previous ruling made by Obama. I've read that you can bring back up to $100 worth, you can bring back whatever you want, and then I've seen where you can't bring back any. I'd love to bring back a box as sort of a keepsake from the store but I guess worst case I'd like to just bring back a mixed bag of singles and some customs if they have any. 

Does anyone have any recent experience with this that can shed some light for me? 

If you have any must see, must eat, or must visit places in the area, I would also love to hear all about it. Thank you all!!





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