Beatles' best individual songs - post split

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"Mother" by John Lennon. It needs the full-length version. One of the best songs and performances ever.

I don't like Paul McCartney post-Beatles at all. "Live and Let Die" could have been decent. It could have been one of the best Bond themes, except for that "What does it matter to ya.." fake reggae BS in the middle, ruining it. 

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On 6/13/2021 at 9:11 PM, JohnS said:

The best Paul McCartney song, without doubt, would have to be Maybe I'm Amazed...

It was written in late 1969, about his wife Linda, after the Beatles had essentially gone their separate ways personally (it would take another 5 years - late December 1974 for the Beatles to separate legally in a business sense).

This song was by far the stand out on McCartney's self-titled Album released in 1970. He played all the instruments himself, it was the most professionally recorded song on 'McCartney', the other songs were what we call 'lo-fi', they had a homely feel. Many critics write-off McCartney and acknowledge Band on the Run as the great post-Beatle album for Paul. I would agree with that but I personally love McCartney for what it is.

Paul McCartney never released this song as a single or else we would have all heard about it. It did get a lot of radio airplay. It is the only post-Beatle Paul McCartney solo song listed in the Rolling Stones Top 500 singles in 2011 at No.347.


John, sometimes you need to just get with the program and buy electric drums for practice! You know what I mean...


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