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I am planning a trip to Dubrovnik.

It appears that the Casa del Habanos is closed here.

I am looking for any tips on good cigar stores, restaurants and must see locations in the area.

We will be renting a car so anything in the area will be great

Thanks in advance for any advice



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Yes you’re correct, unfortunately the Casa has closed down end of 2019. They first moved out of old town down to Lapad beach due to the ridiculous rent in town. But then the laws in Croatia changed and they where not allowed to store the cigars visible from the outside so the glass doors of the walk in had to be covered up and all branding inside the shop and the windows had to be removed. Only the La Casa sign outside was still allowed. I think the location in combination with the “advertising” ban killed it.

There’s a small spirit and tobacco shop not too far away in the Land area called Fumar. I’ve bought cigars there during my visit last year. Small selection, not cheap!

The Casa was the last shop in Croatia where I saw the RA Adriaticos in 2019. Not sure if their main shop in Zagreb still exists, never been there. But I’ve been in touch with them by email in the past about ordering cigars directly and have them send to a Croatian address and they’ve been very helpful!

There used to be a shop in old town Split too (in case you’re going), not far from the main waterfront, saw it last summer but didn’t go inside.

Wouldn’t recommend to buy at hotels, even more expensive and often questionable storage. Bring your own stock!

Enjoy Croatia!

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