Of all the Habanos special releases, if you could go back in time, which one would you have picked up?

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22 minutes ago, cigcars said:

    *Anything Dunhill and Davidoff Dom Perignon  and Mouton Rothschild :cigar: :cigar: :cigar:

Those are all boring regular production 😉. I guess Davidoff had an 80th anniversary release.

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There has been a ton I know. However if I could go back in time, I would ensre that I picked up the Bolivar Centenary humidor featuring 50 BBF and 50 BRC.  While I wouldn't want to sell it, they

This one's OK.

Other than the Siglo XXI humidor, 1492 and Cubatabaco 25 I suppose I'd go with the Partagas 155 Aniversario.

On 6/21/2021 at 10:45 AM, Digi said:

Punch Super Robustos, the 2006 AP regional release.  Bought two boxes when released, kept one in Rob's online humidor thinking I'd hold to them for forever.  Ended up smoking one in 2010 when I got engaged and the balance of the box was gone shortly after.  Second box went quickly too and I've never seen another.  Funny thing is/was, they had very mixed reviews when released but they shaped up rather well.




They're MINE, wallet be damned!

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For me it would be the Diplomaticos Bushido. I had a hiatus on purchasing cigars between 2012 and last year due to just managing life and progressing up the food chain but boy, I would've loved to have managed to try one of those. Sadly six years too late. 


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On 6/22/2021 at 3:29 PM, torsion said:

Prices vary online, saw one sold last week £15,000

I remember thinking how high the price was originally at around £5,000 for 4 boxes in a pretty bland cabinet. Silly me. 

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