Your best cigar of June 2021?

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It's a tie.

MC #2, LUB MAR 14. Most likely the best cigar because the box is "on".

Punch Punch, RAE DIC 14. These are not powerhouse cigars but the flavor and aftertaste is something special.

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15 hours ago, Lrabold89 said:


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15 hours ago, JohnS said:

I must ask @Lrabold89, SOU 19 or 20 box code by chance? 😉

Boom for me too. Mine was SOU 2020 and was phenomenal! Cigar of the year.   Tried another from a different box code and it was good but the SOU was different level great. 

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Probably the upmann Connie A Aug 2018. Got the box clearance from our host a couple of years ago. Have had a few intermittently and they were good but the last couple of months they have turned into flavor bombs. Almost overwhelming. Had a friend over this past weekend and he had one. He usually likes non Cubans, likes the occasional stuff I give him, but this cigar floored him. Honestly reminds of the habanos I hade in the mid 90s

siglo 3 unknown box code is a very close second.

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