Trinidad Reyes - Unknown (OYMRW)

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6 hours ago, El Presidente said:

I love a Trini Reyes but it is not a boating cigar for me :cigar:

Trini Reyes is Sunday paper and a coffee.  Put it in that (type) environment and I think you will have a different beast. Give one more a crack!

Boating cigars. What is a boating cigar? Well, there is a hell of a lot going on vying for your attention (sailing, fishing, drinking, weather,). I need a robust cigar that holds it's own. 


  • Ramon Allones Small Club Corona
  • Bolivar corona Junior
  • Partagas Short. 


  • Mag 46
  • Partagas D4 
  • Juan Lopez 2 

Funny you mention some of these...partagas shorts I also brought with me and gave to a buddy. D4s and JL2's have been boat cigars for me this year alone as well (although not today)

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Have to say I bought a couple of boxes of Trinidad Reyes. It's a meh smoke for me. Fundadores are great and I'll buy those any day of the week but anything else in the line that I've tried (Vigia and Reyes) left me underwhelmed.  

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