Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 1 - UEB JUN 18 (OYMRW2)

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First Epi 1. Received this HQ box 5 months ago and forgot about it until now, but it fit the bill, so it's got a good amount of rest and age. Hopefully a tasty lighter smoke to pass a good chunk of time in the afternoon.

First third: started at 4:20pm. Draw's a bit too tight. It's workable, but it's more effort than I want to be taking. I don't know where my perfecdraw is, though, so I'll just have to tough it out. Smooth light cream with a touch of vanilla. A light creamy almond nuttiness, and a really velvety texture.

Middle third: 4:45pm, the flavor really hasn't changed, still a velvety light vanilla cream and almond nuttiness. I've been hoping for the draw to loosen up a bit, but it's held firm and that's probably weakening the strength of the flavor.

Last third: 5:15pm, and sadly the draw hasn't improved at all. It's not bad enough for me to chuck it, but it's not quite good enough to really enjoy the flavors. The flavor profile I get hasn't changed much but I gotta write that off as due to the overly tight draw. Finished at 5:52pm.

Overall: Just okay, but the tight draw and my misplaced draw tool probably held back the potential of this one. I'll have to try another from the box soon. 86/100




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