What's your favourite soundtrack... track?

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I love the symphonic soundtrack pieces.  The standout track for me is from Aliens "Futile Escape".  You'll probably recognize it. It's the frenzied one with the military drumming during one of the combat scenes between the Aliens and the Colonial Marines.

Overall soundtrack. I love the Gladiator one, from start to finish.  Whenever I need to bury my head in work, I put this on and get down to business. 


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9 hours ago, Fuzz said:

Childhood memories, that's why. Any time I hear this, I remember sitting in the cinema watching the movie, completely astounded that they were killing off a bunch of Autobots and Decepticons. Heck, it was an American kids cartoon series. Nobody ever dies! Not like Japanese anime. Robotech was the first cartoon series I ever saw where a major character was killed off.

Oh come on Fuzz - you sure it's not this movie


The entire soundtrack for Guardians of the Galaxy is outstanding!


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Hocus Pocus by Focus has been one of my favorite instrumentals for many years. To see it used in the movie Baby Driver took it to a whole new level.



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