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I don't know how to feel about this. As a concept, it has bits that are attractive. But it's also problematic in the sense that you're not relying on life experience and its richness to form the basis for your sensory associations and vocabulary, but rather pure, single molecule extracts (essentially). On the plus side, presumably, it could lead to highly  efficient reviews. To wit..."cigar was a cracker. distinct notes of 12 with smatterings of 1, 5, and 8." Also, you'd know that if I said "vanilla" you could then go pull out vial #11 and know exactly what I was referring to.

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Are these essential oils, extracts, or just artificial flavours? Does this mean we now need to expand our flavour wheels to include fake artificial versions of flavours?
Those vials look like the vials that LorAnn artificial flavouring agents come in. Apart from the obnoxious clouds, sickly sweet artificial flavours are what turned me off the idea of vaping.
I might not mind the occasional artificial coffee, chocolate, raspberry or banana flavour in a sweet/lollie, but I would not want to associate these flavours with cigars.

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The standard flavor wheel used with wines is a good freebie tool to start off with.  Half the battle is discerning different flavors and aromas; the other half is putting a name to it.  Flavor wheel really help tie both halves together.

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