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Does anyone has opinions on how these compare with recent production? Love the D4 but never had the D5
Of the ton of D4's I have smoked, and the probably 20 D5's, I honestly noticed no difference between them, just different sizes.

All have been 2019 manufacture or newer

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As above, D5 tends to have a fuller more intense profile, heavier leather and wood without becoming too spicy.  Could just be the imagination making up for the 1/2” less of cigar, but overall I’d love the D5 blend (if it is different) in a D4 length.

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Ive had my first D4 last week and it was great overall, if the D5 has a bit more spice to it that would be my preference. The D4 was great, was super smooth, but a little bit texture or grit (what I'm getting when smoking a parti MF) would be nice.

Are the D's a lot different in blend? I don't see any D6 overhere. I wouldn't buy them that quickly, I think short robustos like PD6 or HdM are a bit overpriced. A D4 is about a quarter of the price more of a D6.

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