Cuba makes social media criticism of regime a crime

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Cuba makes social media criticism of regime a crime in effort to quash growing dissent

Nora Gámez Torres, Miami Herald 

Dissenting on social media is now a crime in communist Cuba after the government on Tuesday published sweeping legislation labeling those who criticize the government as cyberterrorists.

The all-out attack on the freedom of expression of Cubans comes a month after social media helped fuel the largest anti-government protests on the island in several decades. They also seem designed to respond to President Joe Biden’s ongoing efforts to provide uncensored internet access to Cubans.

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 I re-watched the Anthony Bourdain doc about Cuba this week from 2009ish? Just when the reopening and friendly relations with Cubs was re-starting. You could taste the atmosphere of change and excitement in the air. People were taking that potential and running with it. The biggest issue was how would they control the expected rapid progress so they wouldn't end up with a McDonald's on every street corner and huge glass-fronted Four Seasons on the Malecon in a year's time.

  Watching it in the scope of what's happened has been pretty sobering

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