cracking tarpon video

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Going to have to watch later…some of my favorite fishing was a tarpon trip!

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Nice! One of my favourite fish--period.

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Great video, well done. I just moved to a new area of Florida that has great tarpon fishing this time of year. Alot of hours went into landing my first tarpon on fly in these new waters, and alot of curse words screamed along the way! 

Everything has to go right with Tarpon.. You’ve gotta find the fish (which can be tricky if they’re not rolling on the surface and you don’t know the area they’re in), and they need to be willing to eat, then you have to get the right fly right in front of them (they’re not going to chase it), then you have to set the hook (like setting the hook in a 5 gallon plastic bucket as has been said…I lost probably a dozen fish before I got one),then you have to clear your line, then the fish is going to likely jump a few times and if you don’t get the line slacked (bowing to the king as they call it) it’ll break you off the second it lands on your leader. And in my area you’re lucky if you get three or four shots a day on tarpon. With snook, you might have 15 shots. So when you mess up a shot it is painful! 

Then you have to fight the damn thing to the boat. Tarpon are tough as hell. Anything over 75 pounds or so, holy cow. Good luck! And once you’re lucky to land one it’ll take you 15 min to get the slime off your hands.


Once you do that though….you get to wear the tarpon belt buckle that your wife thinks is “hideous”. That makes it all worth the frustration! 



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