Fast tracking aging/resting process

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I will pass this one straight over to the good FOH members :cigar:


“if you can can slow down the aging process by the  vaccum sealing process, could I accelarate the downtime required by putting the cigars individually on open cedar racks at 65% RH and running 24/7  quite aggressive (but not sutpid) fans in the humidor?

I never have any more than three boxes of cigars on hand as my budget doesn’t allow it. I am just trying to work out a way of minimising the time down. Is what I am thinking hold any credibility?

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Hmmm ... I don't think it would work, you don't want too much oxygen applied to the cigars. It would "liquidate" the oils quite rapidly and turn them tasteless IMHO.

I'd rather put them in zip-locks/vac sealed and avoid oxygen.

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I think the question relates to acclimation and not aging based on the phrase "downtime required" and the lack of inventory.  I don't see how blowing a fan on the cigars will help them acclimate sooner but I've never tried it.

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