How to fairly buy/price cigars from Neighbors widow ?

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Thanks for all the replies . Turns out a 500 count humidor with a cigar oasis running . Edmundos ,petit edmundos , mc 4's , D4's , Hoyos #1 , HDM tubos , Upman 1/2 cor.etc. All loose no boxes  . I know the vendor they were sourced from. Have id'd all the sticks for her and the prices as per the vendor. Will be getting a price from her for the lot and go from there. Not a corvette in a barn find lol. Happy to help her out to get a fair shake.

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6 minutes ago, Cairo said:

Your Canada location makes it really interesting--a lot of factors including potential competition and local high clue.

Good point. 5ers of cigars in online private sales here go for about twice what they'd be otherwise online.

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2 hours ago, Fezztone said:

What he paid for them and what he told his wife he spent are probably going to play a role in her valuation


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